A lot of people find the idea of working with a graphic designer a little daunting. How do I get my ideas across? What information do they need from me? Who in the company do I deal with?

Well firstly, if you haven’t already had a look at our design process at DBK, then give it a little look, it may answer some of your questions.

However, our methods are not set in stone and here is a little example of what works best for one of our favourite clients, Tracy, at Making Memories Magical.

Having previously worked together to form a logo/brand for Making Memories Magical, Tracy wanted to create a set of A5 leaflets to further promote the business.
It is at this point where I will get the initial accumulation of information from the client in terms of what they require from the design. (This is usually done via an email questionnaire or at a face to face meeting.) However in Tracy’s case, the easiest way to convey her thoughts was to doodle. She simply then took a picture of the doodles with her tablet and emailed them across.

The doodles….
From this is I was able to create an initial proof to work from. Some of the information is still missing at this stage, so placeholder text and images have been used.
It is often easier to work on something once you have a template to work with. You can how much text is required and what type of imagery will work best with the overall design (both areas that DBK can help you with should you be unsure.)

The initial proof (sent via email)….

From this initial proof, text and imagery was experimented with and finalised quickly and easily to create the final artwork ready for print.

Some other examples where I have worked with Tracy using the same method.
Christmas elf and fairy doors flyer:

From initial logo to pull up banner, we love working with Making Memories Magical! Working with a designer does not have to be daunting, we can turn your doodles into some amazing things.

Should you wish to find out more about the lovely work that Tracy is doing over at Making Memories MAgical HQ then you can get in touch with her as follows via her facebook page: www.facebook.com/makingmemoriesmagical